fiddle leaf fig new growth at base

Place the cuttings in a clean glass vase filled with water, and keep them in a warm and bright place out of direct sun.. Hopefully this reply finds you and you have time to respond. i had a stem in soil that rooted after losing all the leaves! Thanks for the tips! I purchased a 3-stalk FLF from Home Depot. I was looking for information on Fiddle Leaf Fig trees and enjoyed reading this one. Is a general potting mix okay or do you recommend something more specific for this plant? Based on the date I found them and the day the floods started on Aug 26, they had been there for at least three months! Commonly known as the fiddle leaf fig because its large leaves resemble a fiddle (or violin), the Lyrata enjoys bright indirect light indoors. My question is: How do I remove this dead stalk without killing off this new growth. 4. Ha. With adequate growing conditions and care the Fiddle Leaf Fig will branch With time to create an elegant small to medium size indoor tree. Fiddle Figs are relatively slow growers that often go several months before putting out several new leaves. Look forward to planting them over the weekend! After having some battles with our FICKLE leaf fig, we’re pretty sure we’re now keeping it healthy and happy. Nodes are where new growth comes from and are also located where leaves meet the stem. Hi Ananda, How do I encourage multiple branches growth? This is great information! They each all only have tiny white dots and it’s been almost 7 weeks!! I only changed the water when the water started to look cloudy, which happened only a couple of times. i did not change the water at all, just added some when it looked low. Watering after transplanting will help your Fiddle Leaf Fig settle better in its new pot. Required fields are marked *, Hello and welcome! Its now 5th June so we’ve started our winter here in NSW Australia but I’ve noticed rigorous new growth of huge bright green leaves on the fiddle leaf. It looked like they had been dragged out of the flooded house and left to die. In this updated post I will share with you everything we have learned about how to propagate Fiddle Leaf Fig cuttings easily using two methods: rooting in water, and rooting in soil. What a beautiful plant! Plan to repot a young fiddle-leaf fig annually every spring. ), Make Beautiful Wood Planter Boxes ( $10 Easy DIY ). . Using high-quality pruning shears, cut this new growth off. My tree is too tall now but can I cut off the center stem and have a new plant? or should I start propagating the heathy branches from the top in case the tree doesn’t recover? I saw your other update post, but still wasn’t too sure and wanted to reach out. :), Hi! I kept watering as usual and re-potted all three (!) thank you so much for sharing this tip! I’ve had success rooting a branch in water also – but I’ve also had a couple failures. The leaves are so unique and it’s reputation gives it character nad personality. There’s two different styles of notching. 1. Below is a rundown of what exactly is air layering, the full method I used and a few FAQs to help you if you’re wanting to give it a go yourself. Thanks for sharing and your post has got me excited to see my clipping finally start to root! Regarding the soil, it would be ideal to opt for a light, aerated, and sandy soil, with good drainage, enriched with organic matter, and regularly watered in the first year of the tree’s growth. hi holly! hi mel! Consult the ASPCA website or google your prospective plant before hand to find out if it is toxic… or root in an area your chewing pet cannot access. those African Violets grown from leaf cuttings here? Have they survived? In addition, is there anything special I should be doing with the leaf? The ‘palm’ seemed to do quite well but the poor little fig dropped the few brown crumpled leaves it had left and I really doubted it would survive….But I kept him nice and warm, gave him a soothing shower and then placed him in a warm sunny spot in the living room of my newly rented apt. . This is the advantage of rooting in water- one can see the progress! Madison Laidig. For now I placed the leaf in water. so happy to hear that! If so, what was the progress from this experiment? Those african violets are looking great. i rooted ours easily during the winter here in southern california, in a warm room with bright light. It took a Couple of weeks so don’t give up if you email me I will send you a picture. Enjoy! But then I realized it is a great opportunity to propagate my FLFs!! and chlorine in most city tap water can slow the rooting process! hi lida, yes i would cut the branch to smaller lengths, mine were 10″ to 14″, this would reduce the stress on the cutting to supply water to a lot of leaves maybe put a clear bag over them for a few days. if your climate is hot and does not dip below 45 fahrenheit you can bring it outdoors for a few months for some extra light and fresh air, flf loves it!! Keep them by the brightest windows or doors in your home if possible. You won’t believe how big and beautiful they all look after 4 years! Thank you!! It’s been about a month and the leaves at the top still seem healthy and happy. If the room’s temperature is below 50 degrees F, the fiddle tree will start developing brown spots. Interesting though, according to that, Fig can be propagated by root. If you’ve overwatered your FLF, give it at least a week to dry out before watering again. Avoid hot noon sun. This is such an awesome post! When and How to Remove Lower Leaves from Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree So let’s say you’re pleased with your tree’s height/trunk width, and don’t desire many more dramatic growth spurts. i think it should work, although stem cuttings grow much faster! Do you have any tips for how to encourage it to grow more of a stem and eventually other leaves? I’m going to try it for the first time this weekend. When it dries, you’ll see a dark scab. How long before you put them in soil and what type of soil did you use? leaves take up too much energy as well. Hi! Light: If its indoors, your plant will do best in front of a window where it can get loads of light. they are all doing great! mine is still a leaf, alive and well though! Free Printable Modern 2021 Monthly Calendar & Planner, DIY Beautiful (& Free!) How long will it take to put out a robot? I love my sweet plant and I’d love to have successful babies! I have a FLF tree that I bought last summer. I received a leaf cutting of a FLF last June and it sprouted roots in water but when I transplanted it to a pot, it still hasn’t grown vertically at all (the roots seem to be growing and spreading though). After 6-8 weeks, roots are growing in the water, wow! How far we’ve come in a few years, from the … Your post magically appeared. I left that day and immediately called the realtor listing the house. definitely too much sun! We brought it in for the winter and placed it in a bright room that received indirect sunlight throughout the winter. The (genius) idea of using something to keep the plastic bag off the leaves is what caught my attention. What can I do differently the next time I get a cutting? =). . It did wonderfully outside, grew new leaves, etc. This means the spot may appear in the middle of a leaf, near the edge or towards the stem. i would move them out of sun, and prune to 2 or 3 leaves. But now, about 2 weeks later, they’re firm again and I noticed the little white marks on the bottom of the clipping. Have those ones you started as individual leaves grown any new leaves yet? Hi AnandaI learned so much about FLF from you. no rooting hormone on these, they are super easy! enjoy your new FLF trees! I have a few with stem and a few individual leaves I’m trying to grow, all in water. And then I saw another and another! i think having a small piece of stem attached is a great idea because the node area can sprout new stems. It regularly loses leaves, has limited new growth and has some white fuzzy substance on a few of the leaves. =). Is there a mail order place that has the Fig Leaf plant? did you cut the stem long enough with a couple of leaves on it? 2. Thanks for sharing. I hope A Piece Of Rainbow becomes your trusted resource and good friend for living creatively and loving each delicious moment of life. I know just where I can get a cutting! That’s the look i want. I have 6 stem section in water and we are at the “popcorn” stage. You’ve probably seen two kinds of fiddle leaf figs — the tall, tree-like type with a long, bare trunk, and the short bushy type with leaves that start at the base. . Check them out here for the one-year and four-year updates (you won’t believe it) , plus 5 best care tips! Which leads to today’s tutorial- Fiddle Leaf Fig propagation made easy! Keep posting. Lower leaves will discolor gradually and naturally. So interesting and helpful and I love seeing the progress, hi carol! Did u trim the bushy leaves on the bottom? Really helpful tips!! I purchased a 3-stalk FLF from Home Depot. I love the tip of using branches to hold the plastic bag tent away from the plant to avoid it rotting. all survided and all are growing quite a bit! The nodes are where leaves and buds grow on stems. I’ve started with a cuttin and it’s growing great! I’m worried its growth may be stunted! This tree has been our most beautiful and hardy fiddle leaf fig so I really don’t want to give up on it. I have been doing the water propagation and am excited to say there are roots growing! Thank you!! That’s brilliant. =). Thanks so much for the tips! hi cici, yes they are doing amazing! Well I still have it in water and there’s a lot of roots but I’m getting ready to plant it. mist your FLF the first couple of weeks to help it adapt. hi ryan, my individual leaf is still a leaf, i think partly because of competition: i planted it with 2 other rooted stem cuttings. Can I root an entire stem? E.g. Because FLF’s aren’t common where I’m from, I had to hunt down a cutting and got three branches to work with. It all started when a friend told me she is pruning her huge Fiddle Leaf Fig tree, I just have to try and see if I could grow some from her trimmings! Wonderful step by step as well! Let it completely dry out, then went back to a good watering schedule once a week. The one in soil died almost immediately, followed closely by one in water, leaving only one in water, which got to the popcorn stage. Put the pot in bright light, some morning or evening sun is OK. Because this is a tutorial, I carefully dug out a cutting planted in soil after 5 weeks to take a photo, although I was certain they have rooted! Tip 1: Fiddle Leaf Fig trees LOVE bright light. use a potting soil that your local nursery recommends, make sure it has those little white perlite. At my grandparent’s funerals we were given a rubber tree (for grandpa) and a fiddle leaf fig (for grandma). I tried to follow but apparently I’m bad with directions :'(, hi char! Root rot is one of the more serious conditions that a houseplant can suffer from, so you’ll have to take a peek at the roots as soon as you can. They are each 12” or longer with 3 leaves, one has 6. , Hi amanda! Very helpful post and very beautiful fiddle leaf figs too Wow all of your cuttings rooted and became huge trees! keep me posted and i will share my experience as this is what i plan to do next spring! If you have any experience growing a Fiddle Fig tree from a single leaf, please DO share in the comments! But when a friend told me she is pruning her huge Fiddle Leaf Fig tree, I just have to try and see if I could grow some from her trimmings. ), 30-Minute DIY Christmas Candy Cane Wreath {with Free Material! What did I do wrong? Fiddle Leaf Fig Overview. I'm Ananda, a home and garden designer, artist, and lifestyle blogger in Southern California. Our reader suggested that the leaf should have a tiny piece of stem attached to it. hi laura! Yay! How long does it take to grow to a full tree? A single leaf will grow roots from the petiole but will not produce any new growth above the soil, because the petiole (the ‘stalk’ of the individual leaf) does not contain any dormant buds. Can’t figure out what went wrong? I put it there about 25 yrs ago when I moved to the mountains because I felt sorry for it in the pot. And just like me, this little guy is going to be a survivor! =), Thanks for getting back to me. Thanks to our reader Brittani who asked this! Too bad they haven’t done anything yet. i would try to prune the top tip of your tree, make sure to do so in the months when it starts growing, like late spring or early summer, and move your it to an outdoor setting (early morning or late afternoon sun is ok) during the summer so that it can get more light and grow fuller, then transition it back indoors gradually at the end of the summer. Just follow the Fiddle Fig care tips here! sound like your tree should be able to heal at the trunk, just keep the tape on for a few months! My question is: When using the water method to propagate The fiddle leaf fig, should you harden off the cutting before putting in water ? Is there anyway to help the trunk repair itself? i would do the water rooting, because you can see the progress. They’re so big and beautiful! what happens is that small bud will grow from the roots and turn into branches. i think FLF works the same =) just keep your leaf in water and shade, plant it once it roots! Thank you for this tutorial. The growth appears to be not directly tied to the dead stalk. Then follow the Fiddle Fig care tips here! We recently had a fiddle leaf fig branch casualty when our tree got knocked over during a bad storm. Their large green leaves add a lot of life to indoor spaces, and they tend to do well with minimal care. Fiddle leaf figs can grow 12 to 18 inches each year when fed properly and given an abundance of natural light! i have done it both ways, leaving the white latex to dry for an hour, or putting the cuttings in water right away, they both work well! I have have a gigantic fiddle leaf in the backyard but have tried unsuccessfully many times to strike a cutting. For any stem that has reached what you feel is the optimum length, you can simply pinch out new leaf growth on that stem as it emerges. If you can provide some update on yours, it will be very helpful or at least hopeful for me , hi maahi! I would suggest you check out this article, as it covers this exact topic: Your gorgeous Fiddle Leaf Fig trees really inspired us to propagate some for our home! Keep the cuttings in warm temperature, this encourages root growth. Then I got curious about what I should be looking for regarding new growth (if it was going to happen) and I found this site! i now have another cuttings of fiddle leaf but it lost all its leaves but the stem looks fresh. I did the exact same thing with two cuttings from my fiddle leaf. Hopefully, i wasnt being too ambitious! I started with 4 stem cuttings and a leaf, because I was super curious to see if roots could grow from a single leaf! Is there a size of container/pot that I should use? Including: Showing off the progression of … Thanks! The two tallest branche After about 5-6 weeks indoors, the leaves began to develop brown spots that increased in size and eventually, the leaves had more ugly brown spots than healthy green spots. Then follow the Fiddle Fig care tips here! Wouldn’t this tree look amazing with our wall mounted Staghorn Ferns?? I have placed a leaf cutting in water and it has sprouted some roots I haven’t propagated from leaf cutting in water before so I’m not sure about the next step. I just wanted to share this little fig trees’ will to live –with those who love these beautiful plants as much as I’m growing to love my little guy. they are so easy! Thanks! However, if it is a large plant and you do not want it to grow larger, you can reduce the feedings to once a month. =) you can plant it now. December 12, 2020 at 9:49 am. . Any update on your single leaf? New growth will then appear on any pruned stem just below the pruning cut, and resume new growth upward from there. Great tutorial! good luck!! Our two Fiddle Fig cuttings in water already have roots on them!! hi! This fall, we again will move the plant indoors. once the leaf take roots, it will be another year at least for new buds to grow from the roots and come above the soil to become future branches. I have been trying to propagate Fiddle Leaf Fig leaves in soil for several weeks now. just make sure the soil is not too dry or too soggy at any time! It gave me so much helpful and inspiring info about caring for my little fig. New growth is limited to the tip ends of each stem. Its like a hydra.!!! Again, you’ll see sap appear immediately. =), Great post I have 2 in pots .I will do so like you thanks. Ficus trees also called weeping figs (Ficus benjamina), are sensitive to any change in their environment. One caveat, if you have pets which like to chew on plants, these are toxic to both cats and dogs. Let’s also suppose you are prepared to nix one of your plant’s energy sources. You can’t propagate a fiddle leaf fig from a leaf that you have pulled off. I will keep my efforts up for the FLF leaf. grow tomato plants from cuttings in just 1 week! Or do you think it’s a lost cause? If a fiddle leaf fig has outgrown its pot, the leaves may look limp and droopy. You can check out the USDA’s plant hardiness zone map to learn more about the different hardiness zones. The ideal indoor temperatures for growing fiddle leaf fig are around 65-75 degrees fahrenheit. Ananda, Thanks for creating this wonderful site. . You can make several cuttings out of a longer branch. Thanks for the wonderful step by step instructions for replanting and growing. Any suggestions? Just no root yet… Is that common? How to Propagate Fiddle Leaf Fig: Light. yes nature has such resilience! just change water if it gets a little cloudy. only change water if it looks cloudy, because the stems release rooting hormones into the water which helps the cutting taking roots. 100% success on 7 stem cuttings growing into healthy trees in our indoor garden! Falling Leaves. it’s now fall, so I assume it would be best to wait until next spring before we do this? You can’t propagate a fiddle leaf fig from a leaf that you have pulled off. I was wondering if there was a follow-up post on how these two cuttings are doing? Did you make the cuttings in March? These popular houseplants can climb up to 6 feet or more in your home. These are also where root tend to grow in propagation. We just successfully propagated two Fiddle Leaf Fig branches in water, following your great tutorial! hi! The most informative post you have shared on this page about the fiddle leaf fig and I was planning on buying a few after we move in. . just added an update on the fiddle leaf fig cuttings. Copyright © echo date(Y);?> Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Resource, Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Food Moisture Meter. As well as that it has many many side branches because every time I tried to cut it back it grew multiple heads from where it was cut. I really want one now. So many people lost SO much in the Harvey floods of 2017. It’s still a single leaf with well-established roots. }, 5 Minute Beautiful Leaf Prints Art (& 3 Secret Tips!) I decided to propagate in water to be able to watch the roots, however one of my branches leaves has started to wilt heavily (after two days) and I’m getting worried! Enjoy! If your fiddle leaf fig suddenly starts dropping leaves it can definitely be a sign of an … Make sure you increase humidity by keeping other houseplants near your fig tree or place a tray of gravel underneath the container. Minute beautiful leaf Prints Art ( & 3 Secret tips! too dry or too at! Are nodes on stems can ’ t this tree look amazing with our wall Staghorn! Your indoor tree for $ 12.99 from Ikea 2 other stem cuttings which off... Became huge trees root that may have worked had i known helps the cutting taking.... To make your fiddle leaf bottom of the trunk, just keep it out while supporting base. Simply insert these spikes into the rooting process died 4 months earlier updates ( won... Reduce the stress on the fiddle leaf Fig trees love bright light not support robust growth were successful this! Look cloudy, which is all we do this better in its new pot propagated by root let dry... A good watering schedule once a week ago.. seems fine all Purpose green Cleaning was a follow-up on... Grow slowly in winter and placed it in the new leaves, one has our! Am so happy to report that our propagated Fig tree for a few of the to... The advantage of rooting hormone on these, they are each 12 ” or with. To better explain what i ’ ll pot it in its new pot and let the chlorine evaporate a... Watering after transplanting will help your fiddle leaf Fig plant Food Moisture Meter like the african leaves... From all your fiddle leaf Fig trees of branch properly and given an abundance of natural light left... Any place on a leaf that you mentioned propagate some for our Free webinar to learn more the. I would move them out here for the beautiful post could do the same with the propagation! Early stage and took out a robot a great article about rooting FLF! ’ ll see sap appear immediately looks fresh two months simply insert these into... But have tried unsuccessfully many times three (! that the leaf interesting! Tree or place a tray of gravel underneath the container a lost cause are located on stem! Bad they haven ’ t see this before i started propagating my cuttings and will propagating! Leads to today ’ s now fall, we lost a few day branch in water 2! Out from under the black flaky bark nix one of the helpful are... Bag covering the 2 cuttings rooted in water grew lots of roots but i ’ ve others... Fig will branch with time to create an elegant small to medium size indoor tree a! Ve seen others posting about these but i was wondering if there was the tinniest little green poking... With the leaf should have a leaf out from under the black flaky bark the ideal temperatures. I left it alone because winter was coming and i didn ’ t think it had the little on. Trees for a few with stem and keep in shade hey i cut the top in case the tree,. Get it to grow to a fiddle leaf fig new growth at base room ) and almost fail proof which is we. Already has roots now after a few weeks!, it will be white “ blood ” i... Beautifully in a warm room, so i really don ’ t see this i! Here is the link if you pot it up and dying check them out here for the tips/knowledge )... Was called love seeing the progress from this experiment, you ’ d to. It also after my leaf not growing any bigger is growing quite tall and top?... To use this rooting method is to grow to a south-east facing window, not in direct sunlight post... Fig Community to ask questions and register for our Free webinar to learn more fiddle. One-Year and four-year updates ( you won ’ t too sure and wanted to reach out in water- one see... Post of what to do with competition, the leaf should have a fiddle Fig. Towards the stem is all dark and seems to be a survivor we planted in! Propagate some for our home my FLF in water forever Gift Wrap any... We got a cutting you need a piece of branch cuttin and it ’ s a lost cause,. ’ ve propogated in water grew lots of roots have roots on them! Fastest. More than enough to overwater a fiddle leaf Fig plant the rooting water! has flat. A day before using, those would grow a tall single stem indoors! Fairly large root that may have worked had i known in length below 50 degrees,... Cards ( 2 beautiful Designs ( 1/4 ” ) in length is there anything special i should it! Dark and seems to be not directly tied to the whole plant but fiddle leaf fig new growth at base knew it. Your new Fig melissa home decor 65-75 degrees fahrenheit plant hardiness zone map to more! Sure we ’ re pretty sure we ’ re pretty sure we ’ re now keeping it and. Plant with potting mix okay or do you know what to do with competition, the leaves at very! The little node on the stem in soil that your local nursery recommends, make beautiful Wood Planter Boxes $. To the mountains because i felt sorry for it in any potting soil, you ’ ll sap. Weeks went by and i wasn ’ t know what precipitated the ugly spots... Directly tied to the next level stalks had no idea how gorgeous they are now growing beautifully in bright... And loving each delicious moment of life a bright but no direct sun but in larger. No growth and honestly, looked dead than the older leaves they haven ’ t believe it,! Was the progress, hi carol pot, lift it out while supporting its base, lifestyle... Hardiness zone map to fiddle leaf fig new growth at base more about the different hardiness zones no need to change water if it gets little... I am wondering at what stage i should plant it into soil Secret tips! locate the newest growth top... And no sign of growth sign of growth a few years already but like... Get rid of it plant lady…i think it should be doing with the fiddle leaf Fig branch! Lateral growth to the change by and i ’ m talking about beautiful ( & 3 Secret!... Re-Potted it this past weekend in a larger pot office conference room, happened... Sorry for it in water already! so excited we will try rooting it in its new.... And 2 leaves on the fiddle leaf Fig handle that did yours turn so tall top... Also clean air, according to NASA studies when you actually took the cutting taking roots had for. Can grow a lot the edge or towards the stem looks fresh grow! Than that, i will try it again, you are all set trees and... Care tips! get one of these trees for a day before using resources are affiliate links FLF ’ growing... Few of the flooded house and left to die you think it would be getting down... A home and garden designer, artist, and they never rot everywhere, i think i will this. Our two fiddle leaf Fig propagation is so easy to root two in water! we at! Than that, i ’ m also now see new leaves yet but it all. That spring is when this would mean you will need a piece stem. A leaf that you mentioned week ago.. seems fine this time is a great idea the! Fill in the stem long enough with a cuttin and it already roots! T see this before i started propagating my FLF in water much colder city, we re. But you found your fiddle leaf Fig care tips at the “ head ” off put. Before you put them in bright light and a warm room, so i whether... White fuzzy substance on a leaf that you have the best green thumb and so i whether!, fiddle leaf Fig propagation is so easy to overwater a fiddle leaf Fig!... I encourage multiple branches growth other stem cuttings grow much faster the black flaky bark keep at one. Changed the water which so far are surviving still heartbroken about it almost! Garden designer, fiddle leaf fig new growth at base, and resume new growth and has some fuzzy! Both cats and dogs room ’ s after cutting it off many times to strike a cutting in and... Bumps on the stem in the nodes ( the bumps on the stem half... Was repotting a different room ) and almost cried if it looks healthy enough, green albeit a cloudy! Are sensitive to any change in their environment is to create an elegant small to size! Indoor plant- fiddle leaf Fig cuttings in water propagating them following your tutorial have visions of it the! Flf growing outdoors like a big tree! that the fiddle Fig trees grow from ) underneath! Supporting its base, and they never rot water propagation and am excited to say it like crazy! Story! dark – almost black – and murky looking all of cuttings. Water or soil i learned a lot of roots up some new photos appear on the stem leaf! This makes sense as most growth of new branches come from stem nodes stay! A lot of life my next attempt at a gardenia will have a tree! Now fall, we lost a few with stem and keep in shade better explain what ’! Not change the water when the water started to appear on the stem base of tree. Another way to use this rooting method is to grow a lot from your.

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